About Us

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” -Plato

After ‘Into the wild’, it is another road trip story that I won’t forget for long. We started for long anticipated road trip, car loaded with snacks, drinks, toys, not to mention the vital phone accessories. With so much stuff around my little boys felt at home in the car and we were enjoying chatter with spicy snacks, until my little one spilled milk in the garbage bag. We realized that the so called waterproof bag isn’t that much of milk proof. Soon it was filled and there was no good way to keep its mouth shut and in minutes our fancy carriage turned into a dairy farm. I do not remember any other time waiting for a gas station that eagerly. By the end of our trip I was so done that for days I saved myself even from the thought of the car. But in those moments of separation I realized the significance of quality and design in as small things as the car organizer bags to make one’s ‘life in car’ happier. Also, in our today’s lifestyle we log a lot of hours in those trusty chariots from carpooling the kids around, to grocery shopping and appointment hopping. With all the busyness that our car endures within 24 hours workday, it must need a product to better organize the stuff we need fromsippy cupsto earbuds. Eventually, we started the adventure of designing and delivering a product of high quality and innovative design to keep your car neat and organized with the aim that our car products earns a permanent position in your travel checklist for every coming road trip, whether its daily trip to workplace or the most awaited family trip to Disneyland.